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Where can you get an e-coating UK service?

If you are in need of an expert E-coating UK service, then look no further than Pym and Wildsmith. As experienced suppliers of UK industrial finishes, we are proud to offer a number of different spray coating services all tailored to fit a wide range of purposes, industries, and customer requirements. With many different industrial finishing solutions available, it can be hard to know which one to choose. However, E-coating remains one of the most versatile and popular finishes for our customers.


So, what does an e-coating UK service entail?

Our e-coating UK service has an incredibly high success rate, but before you consider it yourself, it’s important to do your research. E-coating, which can also be known as electrocoating or EPD is a process that involves dipping parts into a tank of e-coating paint. E-coat paint has a range of different benefits, but one of its best advantages is the fact that it offers an extremely protective finish to the surface it’s applied to.  Our e-coat service also includes preparing a surface for e-coating too – so to begin with, your parts will undergo any preliminary processes. These processes will strip the components of any previous finishes, residue, and dirt. It’s important that components are clean before undergoing an e-coat paint finish. Otherwise, the performance of the paint can be jeopardised and won’t stick as well to the surface. Once the component is prepared, it’ll be placed a track and then plunged into a tank of electrocoating paint. This method of application means that we can guarantee full coverage for the part, including all those hard-to-reach areas like bends and cavities. Once the parts have been coated, they’ll be left to dry – parts usually dry within a few hours.


Where can E-coating be used?

If you are wondering if e-coating is suitable for your component, the chances are, it is. Metal components and surfaces are the most ideal for an e-coat finish which makes the dipping process suitable for a wide range of industries. Whether it’s for trains, signage, automobiles or the defence industry, we’ll be sure to cater to your needs. As e-coat suppliers, we’ll provide you with a quality-assured finish that gives your project the superior, long-life protection that it deserves.


E-coating near me

Sometimes it can seem easier, quicker and more cost-effective to complete a finishing job by yourself, however, this can often cause more damage than good. The overall project can be ruined by a botched and rushed job. These types of finishes require patience, experience, and high-quality materials to ensure the coating is applied correctly. We are proud to be able to offer our experience to ensure the job is done right and with the time, effort and professionalism it needs. As a Midlands based e-coating company, we’re very central to most motorway networks, which means no matter where you are based, you can access our highly advanced e-coat facilities. 


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