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Win-Win-Win and Win

The plates are spinning, time is ticking and the challenges are mounting with every passing day, but you know that the collaborative team that is developing out of fast-paced discussions and the potential for achieving ground-break forward steps, is going to win; a win for all involved.

TotalControlPro, The Access Group, Capula and Pym and Wildsmith (Metal Finishers) Ltd, came together to discuss digitalisation of Pym and Wildsmith’s operation, but in doing so, it was clear that each technological partner could offer good solutions to most of the challenges being set out by Pym and Wildsmith, but each partner needed to win in the collaborative sense as well as deliver the ‘best in class’ technology to compliment, and therefore…wait for it…leverage the ‘synergy’ (sorry-I had to include it) from the collaboration. This, initially, appeared difficult due to potential intellectual property issues, the value of sales opportunity, the best outcome for the customer balanced with the best supplier for the task – it could have been a tough meeting with all jockeying for the lion’s share.  The house rules were – open and honest, with consideration to each parties ‘sensitivities’ around commercial issues such as technology and intellectual property – this was adopted without hesitation and was a key driver for meeting a success.

The requirements are simple; planning and scheduling, track and trace, real-time visibility of material and orders, business and operational KPIs in real-time, plant OEE, resource planning and…well there is much more, including a ‘secret ingredient’ in the mix, however, there is an all-important fork in the road which will determine pace and scope of this project – the Horizon 2020 funding outcome! By mid-August, depending on the success of the bid submitted through the IOT4Industry/Horizon 2020 will determine how we proceed.  One thing is certain – the project will get done one way or another!

The initial potential for some serious friction at the boundaries of each technology partner’s inferred scope was quickly dissipated through acknowledging each partner had complementary strengths for other partners gaps in their portfolio. This took the discussions forward on a very positive footing; it could have been like tiptoeing around a sleeping elephant in the room.

Thank you to all involved – Rod Schregardus (The Access Group) for offering the venue, ongoing faith in what Pym and Wildsmith can achieve and guide the discussions on scope and requirements, Dolores Sanders and Dorian Smellie (TotalControlPro) for their wealth of experience and immense help with the Horizon 2020 bid, Andy Thwaites and Kelvin Eaton (Capula) for their experience in IIOT, real-time business intelligence and supporting the proof of value de-risking project.  Also pictured – Sarah Pym-Eaton, Craig Taylor and Rob Taylor (Pym and Wildsmith (Metal Finishers) Ltd).

We look forward to the outcome of the Horizon 2020 bid.

Pym and Wildsmith (Metal Finishers) Ltd are committed to continuing the digital journey – leading the way in Metal Finishing.

ISO Standards

We are proud to have attained certification for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management for our Shotblasting, Powdercoating, Paint spraying, Metal spraying, and Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) for Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Rail metalwork.

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