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Using Powder Coating as an Environmental Alternative to Galvanisation

If you’re looking for a metal finishing process to protect components exposed to the elements, it is more than likely that both powder coating and galvanisation will have appeared in your search. While galvanisation provides a heavy-duty protective finish, there are issues revolving around the environmental impacts of the production process due to the potential contamination of the local environment and water supply.

So when looking for an environmental alternative to galvanisation, here are a few reasons why powder coating is the ideal solution:

Environmental process

Powder coating is a more environmentally friendly process compared galvanisation, as well as other processes such as wet painting. This is because there are no volatile organic compounds present in the process. Additionally, the over-sprayed powder can be collected and reused to minimise wastage in the production process.

Powder Coating offers a more cosmetic finish

Unlike galvanisation, which only offers a light grey finish, powder coating can be finished in a wide range of colours based on designated RAL numbers. This allows complete colour matching to the customer’s specification to provide a cosmetic finish that meets more specific design needs.

RAL colour chart

Comparable protection.

While galvanisation edges out powder coating for a low-maintenance protective finish, powder coating can provide comparable protection against the elements provided that it is periodically maintained, and any chipping or damage is covered up to prevent exposure of the base material. Additionally, powder coating is more suitable for parts that require any form of flexibility, as galvanisation forms a rigid coating that is susceptible to chips and cracking is manipulated excessively.

So while galvanising does have its benefits, in a time where environmental sustainability is more important than ever, why not do your part and switch to powder coating for an environmental alternative to galvanisation.

If you want more information about our powder coating process, you can find it here or to get started with your powder coating process you can contact us.

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