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How Shot Blasting Can Improve the Finish of a Product

When to Use a Shot Blasting Service

When looking for a method of finishing your products on a budget, shot blasting can seem like an unnecessary expenditure. However, depending on a number of factors such as the fabrication and condition of your raw products, preparing the surface with shot blasting prior to paint spraying or powder coating can make or break the finish of the part.

This blog looks at some of the key factors we look at when determining whether your parts require shot blasting as part of the process.

blue bike frame with paint damageBike frame after shot blasting

Shot blasting can make a massive visual difference to a product.


Previously Powdered Parts

Parts that have been previously powdered or painted need to have all of the previous coat removed prior to re-coating. This is to ensure a level surface and to remove any residue that might contaminate the new product.

Rusted or Poor Condition

Similarly to parts that have been previously coated, if your parts have been sat outside or in poor conditions, the metal may have started to oxidise and a layer of rust may have built up in some areas. this rust also needs to be removed to provide a better surface for paint and powder adhesion.

Fabrication Process

So your parts are clean, with no rust or other contaminants, but we still recommend shot blasting. Well, the reason for that may be due to the fabrication of the part. Metal above a certain thickness that is laser-cut is typically done using oxygen. While more economic than the cleaner nitrogen cutting, this method, plus any welds a part may have, leaves a residue from oxidisation that is referred to as a “blue edge”. This edge can flake away if not removed prior to coating, resulting in a poor and easily damaged finish.


laser cutting metal


And there we go! We hope this blog provided some insight into the necessities of our shot blasting service, if you have any more questions or would like to arrange for a personalised quote then you can contact us and a member of our team will be in touch.

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