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Powder Coating vs E-Coat

Powder Coating vs E-Coat – Is there a winner?

Today we’re going to be looking at Powder Coating vs E-Coat for your metal finishing needs. Powder coating has been the staple for metal finishing for a long time, but in recent years, e-coat has become increasingly popular as a coating for parts not exposed to UV light or as an undercoat for powder. This change comes from E-coat’s enhanced corrosion resistance and low production cost, but there are still ways in which powder coating can be your go-to coating.

We look at some of the key differences between powder coating and E-Coating to help you make a decision over the finishing requirements of your parts.


Powder coating over E-coat

Powder coating is typically chosen as a heavy-duty finish that offers both protection and cosmetic appeal. The wide range of colours available makes it very easy to match the colour to any specification you may have

Reasons for Powder coating over E-Coat

E-coat over Powder Coating

E-coat is a newer technology that involves full submersion into a tank of electrically charged paint. It is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive industry in particular, due to the high corrosion resistance from complete coverage, and low production cost.


One factor not mentioned until now is the ability to powder coating over E-coat. Although more expensive than the individual processes, combining the two finishes produces a heavy-duty protective coating that can feature a range of colours to suit whatever project you may have. So while we haven’t provided a definitive answer for Powder Coating vs E-Coat, we hope this provides some insight into the benefits of each process and when they may benefit you.

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