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How our Thermal Spray Aluminium coating can improve the quality of your finished product.

At Pym and Wildsmith, we offer a range of both protective and cosmetic coatings, but if you are after a heavy-duty, highly protective finish, then look no further than our thermal spray aluminium coating service.

Our Thermal spray aluminium coating, typically referred to as metal spraying, is a commonly used alternative to hot-dip zinc galvanisation, and involves heating an aluminium or zinc material and distributing the molten sparks along the surface of the product in spray form, creating a solid, highly protective barrier from corrosion and rust. While it may not be an ideal process for anything and everything, we’ve detailed some of the key benefits and uses of our thermal spray aluminium and zinc coating services.

Heavy-duty Protective Finish.

Thermal spray aluminium is becoming increasingly popular for providing a heavy-duty protective finish that was traditionally achieved by galvanisation. For parts that take a lot of punishment, such as exhausts, metal spraying has become the go-to process for protection without the need for full submersion of the product that galvanisation requires. Additionally, this allows targeted application of the zinc or aluminium coating to focus on specific areas of the product as necessary and makes the process suitable for parts which have areas not suitable for coating.

Quality of Finish

Another benefit of thermal spray aluminium is the quality of finish compared to other processes that achieve the same corrosion resistance, such as galvanisation. A common drawback of galvanisation is the formation of spikes and burrs as a result of the dipping process, which requires further processing to remove. Metal spraying results in a much smoother finish, making it ideal for parts that have cosmetic as well as functional purposes such as external railings and balustrades.

Thermal Spray aluminium coating at Pym & Wildsmith

Parts processed with Metal Spraying can still provide an aesthetic finish when combined with other coatings.

Compatible with other finishes.

Where galvanising provides a functional finish that requires careful preparation, such as sweep blasting, for it to be suitable for a cosmetic overcoat, metal spraying is easily compatible with both wet paint and powder coating finishes. Additionally, the superior initial coating from metal spraying results in a more aesthetic overall finish than other methods or corrosion protection.


If you have parts that require thermal spray aluminium coating or any of the other processes that we offer, contact us today and our dedicated team of client managers and estimators will be happy to help.

ISO Standards

We are proud to have attained certification for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management for our Shotblasting, Powdercoating, Paint spraying, Metal spraying, and Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) for Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Rail metalwork.

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