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Do Surface Coatings add Value to your Products?

So, you have noticed that untreated metal is nowhere to be seen nowadays in finished products, but why is that? Do surface coatings add value to your products in more than just making them look nice? Let’s look at some of the ways that a surface coating can improve the value of what you are selling.

Corrosion Protection Can Increase The Lifespan Of The Product.

Many surface coatings offer increased corrosion protection compared to bare metal, usually measured in salt spray hours. This benefit will typically improve the lifespan of the product, allowing you as the retailer to offer an enhanced warranty with these products. Not only will this allow you to increase the value of the sale but will also increase your competitiveness in the marketplace compared to rivals without these guarantees.

Salt spray corrosion testing
Salt Spray test results are commonly used to identify the protection a coating offers.

Customer Service Made Easy.

By improving the lifespan of the product through better protection, surface coatings have another benefit to the customer service aspect of your brand. Improving the quality will lead to fewer breakdowns of the product by the end-user, resulting in fewer warranty claims by the customer. Not only will this increase profit margins, but the value of having a brand known for quality is far greater for long-term growth.

Increased Customisation

Even though you may have a quality product, research suggests that the cosmetic appeal of products can have a significant impact on customer purchasing. By using the wide range colours available in processes such as powder coating, you can create visually appealing products that stand out from the competition. Also, if you have similar looking products that fit different needs, such as toolkits or weights, you can use this customisation to your advantage by colour coding your products, adding a new level of value from your particular brand.

Kettlebells with surface coatings
These kettlebells are an ideal example of how colour-coding can improve a product

So then, do Surface coatings add value to your products? We will let you be the judge of that, but if you want to see for yourself, why not get in touch and see how our services can make up part of your production? Get in touch today and our team will be happy to help.

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