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Our work and commitment to sustainability

At Pym & Wildsmith, we’re highly committed to sustainability and the current price rises have made energy efficiency an even bigger priority for us as a business.

According to the World Health Organisation, over 90 percent* of people breathe unhealthy air resulting from burning of fossil fuels.

How do we use energy at Pym & Wildsmith?

The energy industry is expanding and ever-changing to meet the recent demands for environmentally friendly energy solutions. This change has sparked an increase in the adoption of new and updated equipment, technology and components.

Some of the services we offer at Pym & Wildsmith include:

We recognise that these processes tend to produce a substantial amount of heat.

Therefore we’re always researching how this could be better contained, such as improved insulation and double door systems. In addition to this, we have considered how the heat could be recycled then used to heat the lower temperature processes.

Promoting sustainable economic growth

This is where the EnTRESS project comes into place. The EnTRESS project supports small and medium-sized enterprises within Staffordshire to utilise environmental technologies and resource efficiency processes.

Janine Taylor, our Finance Manager explains:

“The EnTRESS project was able to help pinpoint areas for improvement over the short and medium term, and we have already implemented some of the recommendations. Other longer-term recommendations have helped to inform the business case for investment in energy efficiency, and the University’s independent advice and consultancy has helped us to validate and prioritise these issues at board-level. We’re really grateful for their support.”

Our sustainability solutions

A thermal imaging survey was undertaken to provide a visual comparison between a new, more efficient plant with our older plant. This emphasised to us which processes and physical infrastructure highly requires us to improve thermal efficiency and save energy.

So, in conclusion, here are 4 new actions to improve our energy efficiency:

  1. Adding low cost insulation/lagging of pipework and curing ovens
  2. Replacing older, less efficient gas burners
  3. Installing insulated lids to hot water baths and pickling baths
  4. Switching electrical motors with variable speed drives, alone saving up to 50% of the energy used!

The World Health Organisation goes on to say that:

“By sharing knowledge, and raising awareness, we can make a real difference in human well-being and quality of life.”

Already we have put some of our sustainability ideas into practice here at Pym & Wildsmith, for example these activities for Zero Waste Week and are looking forward to implementing the rest to become a more sustainable company in the long term.

Thank you to The University of Wolverhampton and the EnTRESS project for enabling us to achieve the energy efficiency improvements as well as guidance with the application process.

*Quote from the WHO website, which can be found here.

ISO Standards

We are proud to have attained certification for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management for our Shotblasting, Powdercoating, Paint spraying, Metal spraying, and Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) for Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Rail metalwork.

Proud to have worked with:

  • APB
  • Broadcrown

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