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Everything you need to know about powder coating

As one of the country’s leading powder coating suppliers, we are proud to boast a highly in-depth knowledge and understanding of powder coating solutions. When it comes to choosing a protective coating solution for your components it is important to make sure you are choosing a service that meets the exact requirements you need for your parts. We have a wide range of coating solutions available here at Pym and Wildsmith and we will happily assist you in choosing the perfect one.

What is powder coating?

Powder coating is an advanced finishing process that is used to create a tough, durable yet aesthetically pleasing coating onto the surface of a component. Powder coated metal is protected against scratching, corrosion, heat, bleaching, cold and grime, and is an ideal solution for parts that will be used in outdoor applications. The powder coating paint is available in a wide range of colours so you can tailor the service to your exact requirements.

How is powder coating applied?

As highly experienced powder coating suppliers we have got the best equipment and resources to facilitate high standards of powder coating for your parts. The powder coating process is fairly simple and offers fast turnaround times too. First, the components undertake any necessary preliminary treatments in order to remove oil, grease or other substances from the surface – these treatments can range from chemical treatments or blasting. The cleaning treatments will clean the surface and improve the bonding between the powder to metal – therefore optimising the performance of the coating. Once the surfaces have been prepared, we will use specially designed spay guns with a range of nozzles to apply the powder to achieve full coverage. Once the powder has been applied, the component then undergoes a curing process to unlock the full properties of the powder onto your component’s surface.

Why should you use powder coating?

Powder coating is a simple yet effective solution for providing surfaces with a tough and durable protective layer for your component. It is extremely hard wearing and versatile, and with a faster application than wet paint, it can offer a flawless-looking finish. The systems are also cost-efficient, environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant.

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