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E-coating | Automotive

E-coating is an advanced form of finishing that focuses on giving projects a durable and protective finish. Here at Pym and Wildsmith, leading e-coat suppliers we have the tools, skill and knowledge to offer solutions to a wide range of industries, including the automotive industry.


The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is a complex sector, which relies on a huge range of other industries in order to manufacture, finish and maintain the vehicles. From the initial design and planning department, through to the engineering aspects to consider, the automotive industry depends on many other work sectors in order to help create a quality-finished vehicle. At Pym and Wildsmith, we are proud to play a part in assisting the industry with our advanced automotive service.


Durable and Reliable

The automotive industry relies on the e-coating process due to the strong, durable and reliable e-coat corrosion resistance it provides. Vehicles require safe and dependable mechanisms in order to run efficiently without posing a hazard and jeopardising anyone’s safety. By using our service, you can prevent any corrosion upon the surfaces of your vehicle, therefore ensuring maximum warranty on the vehicle.


Provides Great Protection

Our process here at Pym and Wildsmith is highly advanced and benefits from our state-of-the-art equipment combined with the skills of our experienced and qualified technicians. E-coating is extremely beneficial to cars and other vehicles that need a high-quality and cost-efficient way to protect their vehicle’s exterior surfaces. Plus, it upholds the value of the vehicle too. The process is used in a wide range of industries, but for the automotive industry, the process is fast becoming very popular as it delivers optimum long-term protection.


Enhances Performance

The automotive industry is fast-moving and dynamic and requires excellent quality and attention to detail.  Our services provide protection against corrosion and enhance performance.  We can successfully process both large orders for major manufacturers and bespoke requirements for smaller organisations.

We mainly use e-coat and can accommodate up to a maximum size of 2,000mm x 1,300mm x 700mm wide.



How Does it Work?

The e-coating process here at Pym and Wildsmith is one that is simple, fast, and yet extremely efficient. We have a series of different facilities purpose-built to accommodate as many varying applications and project sizes as we can. With a high-quality paint system, we have the equipment to give your project that final well-deserved finish.

First, the project will undergo any preliminary treatment that may be needed in order to ensure the surfaces are fully prepared for the upcoming finishing treatment. Once this is done, the vehicle will be placed onto a track before being fully covered in the e-coat tank. Once all of the parts required are fully coated, the vehicle is then left with a durable and highly protective finish. With our advanced equipment, we can ensure that everything is completed thoroughly and with a fast turnaround.


Quality Every Time!

Here at Pym and Wildsmith, we strive to ensure quality runs throughout each and every service we provide, whether it is a large or small-scale project. All of our paints and other finishing resources are sourced from trusted suppliers to make sure we are working with only the best materials. With Pym and Wildsmith, you can relax knowing that your project is in safe and trustworthy hands.

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