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Metal Coating Services


Established for over forty years, we have a reputation for delivering a quality product on time at competitive prices. As a leading metal coating company, Pym & Wildsmith pride ourselves on being able to offer customers high-quality coating applications and processes for a wide range of industrial sectors, including Transport, ensuring that we are always at the forefront of the latest designs, materials, and technologies.

Maximum Protection

The metal coating services here at Pym and Wildsmith enhance the appearance, provide maximum protection and extend the life-span of your vehicle – the three factors needed in order to maintain safe, efficient and reliable use. It is vital for any form of transport to have a long-lasting quality industrial paint finish, and here at Pym and Wildsmith, that is exactly what we provide.

Thorough Assessment

Our extensive range of coatings is engineered and designed to improve performance and extend the life of critical components and fabrications of all shapes and sizes. Our metal coating services include pre-treatment, paint spraying, metal spraying, powder coating, shot blasting and e-coating; all of which can be applied to both small and large scale projects. Before any work is carried out on the vehicle, we will always perform a thorough assessment to ensure you receive the exact product required for the job.

High-Quality Standards

After this, we will begin the metal paint spraying process, using high coating quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment by our highly experienced and skilled team. Once the treatment has been completed we will give you any technical advice and after-treatment care you need in order to maintain the high-quality finish.

Attention to Detail

When it comes to our metal coating services, we give each and every project the care and attention to detail it deserves, ensuring a long-lasting, quality product that is value for money. At Pym & Wildsmith we are always striving to be better and to deliver a service unmatched anywhere else in the industry. We aim to have your projects ready for use almost instantly after treatment, ready to provide a long life E-Coating of up to twenty-five years.

Long-Lasting Results

As a leading provider of metal coating services around the UK, you can trust Pym & Wildsmith to deliver a quality product with long-lasting results. With over thirty-five years of experience providing industrial finishes, we have developed an in-depth understanding of metal spraying. We are constantly expanding our facilities to welcome more projects and currently house box ovens, spray booths, pickling tanks, and EPD facilities alongside an incredibly dedicated technical department. Our work can be seen across a wide variety of industries from agriculture to automotive, showing we have the versatile skills to give your project the right treatment it deserves.

Safety & Performance Standards

The transport industry requires vehicles and components to withstand heavy regular use and achieve safety and performance standards.  The industry also requires that vehicles are smart and modern in appearance. Our team is fully experienced in understanding the needs of the transport industry and is committed to delivering products and services that add value to our customers in this sector.  We believe that the selection of appropriate coatings is essential to improve part life and reduce maintenance costs.

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ISO Standards

We are proud to have attained certification for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management for our Shotblasting, Powdercoating, Paint spraying, Metal spraying, and Electrophoretic Deposition (EPD) for Commercial, Industrial, Automotive and Rail metalwork.

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