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Finishing for your automotive parts

Automotive e-coating is one of the many different finishes we are proud to offer here at Pym and Wildsmith.

With decades of experience in the trade, we have established an in-depth knowledge of finishing and have used this to be able to offer a wide range of flexible services to customers and their projects.

As one of the country’s leading e coat suppliers, the team here at Pym and Wildsmith are proud to offer e-coating to some of the world’s most vital industries such as the automotive sector, and with our state-of-the-art facilities, we can proudly give your project the protective finish that it deserves.

What is e-coating?

E-coating, sometimes known as electroplating or EPD, is a specific type of paint finish that is designed to provide components with a protective and corrosion-resistant surface layer. E-coating is in the form of a paint which is applied onto the surface that requires protection. Once the paint has cured the project will have a new protective layer that is highly resistant to corrosion and salt spray.

How does e-coating take place?

E-coating takes place in our specially designed e-coating facilities on-site here at Pym and Wildsmith.

Before any e-coat paint system begins, it is important that we prepare the surface for treatment. If projects still have a residue of previous paint jobs or other treatments on them, the performance of the new e-coat paint could be jeopardised, we also may not be able to achieve maximum coverage.

To ensure the surface is clean enough to undertake the e-coating process, your project will go through the recommended pre-treatment, cleaning process.

Once cleaned the items will be loaded on to our e-coat line. The result of the process is a fully coated component with a layer of durable protection.

Automotive e-coating

Automotive e-coating is something that we are proudly able to facilitate here at Pym and Wildsmith.

The automotive industry relies on a finish to offer components a strong, durable and reliable protective finish – e coating can provide this and more.

By using an e-coating finish on your vehicle, you can prevent corrosion upon vital surfaces, therefore keeping the automobile safe to run and ensuring maximum warranty.

E-coating is an excellent and cost-effective way of protecting the vehicle’s exterior surfaces whilst upholding the value of the vehicle too.

Our e coating services offer protection against corrosion alongside enhancing the performance of the vehicle, and with our facilities, we can accommodate both large orders from major manufacturers as well as bespoke requirements from smaller organisations.

The process is one of the most popular types of finishes on the market and is fast becoming the go-to finish for the automotive sector due to its delivery of optimum long-term protection.

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