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What is E-coating?

Commonly known as E-coating, electrophoretic painting is a process that involves full submersion of the product in a specialist facility, and boasts an economical and corrosion-resistant finish on its own, or in conjunction with a cosmetic finish such as paint spraying or powder coating.

E-coat is popular in the automotive sector, as a coating for internal components that are not exposed to UV light. The process results in a black finish, allowing it to be used as a standalone coating where the colour is not critical to the product.

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How it’s Done

E-coating involves full submersion of the product, starting with a degreasing and cleaning process to improve the adhesion and quality of the finish.

Parts are then loaded on to the main track and submerged using our automated procedure to ensure consistent results between batches of products. The parts are charged with an electrical current that causes the paint to coat the product uniformly, and the thickness of the coating can be fully adjusted through the strength of the current and submersion time, with the standard thickness ranging from 15 to 30 microns.

Once E-coated, parts can then be processed through our powder coating or paint spraying departments, or packaged directly and transported depending on your specific needs.

Key features of E-Coat

  • 100% coverage of the component, including hard-to-cover areas like bends and cavities.
  • Uniformity of coating thickness
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Superior edge coverage
  • Single coating application with the option of a second coat of powder coat or liquid topcoat paint to optimize performance
  • Product and process consistency
  • Compatible with other coating technologies


Why choose E-Coat?

By directly submerging the product, it allows easy coating of small or numerous parts, as well as any shapes and sizes that may be difficult to effectively coat through other processes. Additionally, E-coating is more economical than other processes, allowing it to be an effective coating for low-cost parts where the function is more important than aesthetics.

This process is used in many industries and especially in car manufacturing. It is a great application for corrosion resistance providing in excess of 1,000 hours salt spray resistance. It is especially good for full coverage, unlike powder coating which can be difficult to attract in all areas.

Customers who have used our E-Coat systems have reported that the process improves the resale value of their equipment due to this improved corrosion resistance.

We can EPD coat up to a maximum size of 1700mm x 800mm x 1300mm, though we can accommodate parts up to 2.2m long when hung diagonally, depending on the overall dimensions of the products.

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When it comes to industrial finishing, you can trust us here at Pym and Wildsmith. With over 40 years of experience working as an e-coating company, we know exactly what we are doing. With decades of experience providing industrial finishing services to a wide range of projects, you can rest easy knowing if you choose us, your project is in safe and reliable hands. We have many different finishes and treatments available, but if you are not sure which one you should choose, we’ll offer our own expert advice to ensure your project receives the most beneficial treatment that it deserves.

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