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What is Powder Coating and why use it?

As powder coating specialists Pym and Wildsmith are proud to offer this effective metal finishing process. Powder Coating is a dry metal finishing process that uses a combination of plastic resins, colour pigments and special cross-linking agents which, once baked (or sometimes known as cured), cause the plastic resins to become very hard and extremely durable making a very effective metal finishing. Powder Coating is Pym and Wildsmith’s leading alternative to conventional wet painting processes.


Why should I use Powder Coating?

As powder coating specialists, we have identified four main advantages to Powder Coating compared to other coating processes:


High Performance

Powder Coating offers a high-performance solution to industrial metal finishing. The nature of the process means it does not run, drip, sag, or exhibit solvent pops during application. Powder coating spray paint also offers excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, impact, UV from sunlight, and corrosion making it ideal for lots of industries.


Environmentally Sound

One issue that clouds most industries today, and definitely the metal finishing industry is the environmental impact of our products. At Pym and Wildsmith we are proud to say that there are no solvents used in the spraying stage of the powder coating, which limits the amount of distributed harmful toxic discharges normally associated with a liquid coating. On top of this, the powder overspray can be collected for re-use, minimising waste, maximising return and providing up to 98% usage efficiency.


Quick Turn-around Time

Another great advantage of powder coating is its quick turn-around time, with no compromise to the finished product.


Large Colour Selection

Powder coating offers a wide choice of, colours and finishing’s and can even be custom matched. Coatings come in varying gloss levels and with varying textures for a finish that is tailor-made to the user’s requirements.


Where can I see some examples?

Powder Coating is everywhere. Once you know what you’re looking for you’ll see that powder coating products are never far away. Powder coating is now used on thousands of parts and products, with the list continuously growing. A few examples of industries you can find powder-coating applications are:

  • The automotive industry uses powder coating on virtually every metal part that receives a finish coat including bumpers, wheels, suspension parts, door handles, brackets, and oil filters.
  • Farmers use powder coated tractors and other farm equipment.
  • Homeowners use lawnmowers, snowblowers, barbecue grills, garden tools, metal furniture, and bathroom scales which have all been finished with powder coatings.
  • Office workers use metal furniture, mechanical pens and pencils, and other desk accessories that are all powder coated.
  • Parents buy powder coated baby strollers, bikes, wagons, and aluminium baseball bats.


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