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E-coating Vs Powder Coating | Which finish should you choose?

E-coating vs Powder Coating can be a common debate to have due to the techniques’ similar advantages for industrial finishing.

There are hundreds of different industrial finishing techniques available on the market, and here at Pym and Wildsmith, we are no stranger to them.

We are proud to offer some of the most reliable and successful finishing and coating services on the market, but with plenty to choose from how do you know which one is right for you?


E-Coating – What is it?

The e-coating process involves coating a metal component in a specific type of paint which then provides the project with a high-quality protective finish.

The process begins with the project undertaking any necessary pre-treatments to make sure the surface is ready to be painted.

Once this has taken place, the component is dipped into a tank of e-coat paint. The surface will have a strong and corrosion-resistant coating that can last for many years.


Powder Coating – What is it?

Powder coating is another finishing service we can offer our clients here at Pym and Wildsmith.

This advanced process involves coating the project with paint that is much more durable than conventional paint.

Once cured and finalised, powder coating can offer projects a decorative and protective coating that can protect against heat, cold, grime, corrosion, and bleaching.


E-coating vs Powder Coating

Due to both industrial finishes offering extreme protective-Coatings and corrosion resistance, the e-coating vs powder coating debate can be ongoing.

The best way to choose between them both is by determining exactly what you need from the paint. While e-coating can offer optimum protection against corrosion, if your project requires protection against other various factors too, then powder coating could be the best solution.  

On the other hand, if you have a complex-shaped project that may have hard-to-reach areas, then e-coating is likely to be the most appropriate of choices due to the fact it offers maximum coverage including bends and cavities.

There are many different deciding factors between both types of industrial finishing techniques, but here at Pym and Wildsmith, we’ll help you decide the best one for the job, to ensure you invest in a solution that meets all your requirements.


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