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E-coat Corrosion Resistance | A worthy investment

As leading specialists in industrial finishing, e-coat corrosion resistance is something we have in-depth knowledge and understanding of here at Pym and Wildsmith.

With decades of experience providing projects and surfaces with protective surface coatings, our team of specialists has proudly got the skills, equipment, and awareness to be able to meet a wide range of applications – both industrial and commercial.

We have a fully built suite dedicated to delivering industrial finishes that can accommodate an extensive variety of purposes.

One of our most popular types of finishes we offer here at Pym and Wildsmith is e-coat – a finish that can be applied across a whole range of projects.


What is e-coating?

E-coating is a type of finishing process which offers surfaces a combination of high quality and aesthetically pleasing paint finish, alongside a durable, corrosive resistance.

Due to these benefits, the e-coat painting system is extremely good value as its combined features are usually separated and then found in individual industrial finishes as opposed to just one.

E-coat finishes are a fantastic ‘all-rounder’ for those looking to provide long-lasting protection to their project or surface.


How does e-coating work on my project?

The e-coating process is a simple process that can be completed fast while still producing consistent efficient results.

First, the project is placed onto the tracks which are located in our on-site specially designed suite built for industrial finishing.

Once on the track, the project undergoes a series of cleaning and pre-treating tasks, being dipped into tanks of various solutions to prepare a clean and smooth surface ready for the e-coat.

Once the project has been thoroughly cleaned, another tank is prepared which houses the designated e-coat. The project is then dipped into the tank until it is fully covered in paint.

Once dry, the surfaces will be left with a strong and durable finish which provides long-lasting protection for up to twenty years.


E-coat Corrosion Resistance – Helping many industries

E-coat corrosion resistance is one of the main reasons e-coating continues to be a popular choice of industrial finishing. Its resistance is extremely strong and is highly beneficial for metal surfaces in particular.

Due to its optimising protection, e-coating which is also known as EPD is used across many different sectors including the trains, signage, commercial, automotive and architectural industries.

Because of the e-coat not being UV stable, it is usually only used as a primer or a finish.

Although the finish is used in large industrial projects, it is also suitable for use in small projects too and with our advanced facilities at Pym and Wildsmith – leading e-coating suppliers – we can accommodate both.

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